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I’ll be running my first half marathon when my girls run their practice 5ks next week so I thought a little treat was in order to make up for my absence! @girlsontheruninternational
The best packages are @lillypulitzer packages
My favorite #Easter treats are the #Cadbury eggs! Tried to do my nails to match, they ended up looking like the girls I #nanny did them instead.
Anyone have the monogram jBq? You can have this turquoise chevron monogram iPhone charger decal and two home button decals for $2 shipped! Comment below with paypal email address and I’ll send an invoice!
RG @cynmarrie: “Got a customized sticker that came out fabulous 💕⚓️ thank you @ohlalaali #ohlalaali! Go personalize your own sticker for you car, water bottle, or anything you want! @ohlalaali on 😍” LOVE it!